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Boyfriend and boundaries

What to do when your boyfriend goes on a trip with his friends and you know that their friends (and him) will go to places and pubs to look other women and comment if they are hot or not? I find it disrespectful but he says that he does not do that as much as they friends and it’s in an innocent way. However it gives me anxiety because of a possible infidelity… It’s like having mixed feelings about letting it go or making a big deal of it.

Heart on my sleeve

I've always been the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and jumps into a relationship, giving everyone a chance and not letting bad experiences affect future relationships. Until now. A short (1.5year) relationship ended in February. I thought they were my forever person, but they had sever commitment issues since they won't over their ex from 3years prior. Since him, I feel emotionally inept. I want to date and catch feels and have a relationship, but I physically cannot. Everything gives me "the ick" for loss of a better phrase and I don't think I do want a relationship. Although I'm currently semi happy with being single for a while, I'm genuinely scared I won't ever want a relationship and will be alone forever. Help!

Spiral when they don't text back

How can I stop myself from spiraling when I’m not getting a reply back.

When to stop dating?

When newly dating someone, at what point do you stop seeing/being open to seeing other people? And do you tell the other person? I'm 4 weeks in with a guy who I think is great, but I feel like I'm not supposed to stop being open to others until there's some kind of understanding between us?!

Red flags

I recently ended things with a man that everyone was telling me i should have ran a mile from. Why do I keep doubting myself and thinking did I jump the gun when he ended things with me 2 weeks previous telling me he didnt want a relationship then telling me he did. I know this wasnt right but why cant I stop thinking about him and want to go back ther?